Safe, beautiful, and fun.

Welcome to the website of the Converse Heights Neighborhood Association, or CHNA for short. if you’re new to Converse Heights, welcome to the neighborhood as well!

Our mission is to make (and to keep) Converse Heights safe, beautiful, and fun, and we want to enlist the help of every neighbor in that pursuit. To have a safe place to live, you need to know the people who live around you, and we provide several “get-together opportunities” each year where all neighbors are invited. We conduct annual tree plantings, we look for good neighborhood projects to support, and we plant and maintain the entrances to Converse Heights to enhance its beauty. And for fun, we have miles of side-walks, Happy Hollow Park, front porches, block parties, and lots of friendly people. We also maintain an excellent partnership with the City of Spartanburg. Please enjoy our website, like us on Facebook, give us your good ideas, ask us questions, and please join your neighbors as members of the Neighborhood Association.

Thank You!
The Board of Directors of the Converse Heights Neighborhood Association

CHNA Board Members:

  • There are many opportunities for neighborhood residents to get involved with CHNA. If interested, please contact any Board Member.

  • To send inquiries to the entire Board email To send email to a specific board member, click on their name in the list below.

  • Mailing address: PO Box 187, Spartanburg, SC 29304

  • For any web site questions or suggestions, send an email to

We would like to thank Trinity United Methodist Church for generously sharing their facilities for meetings of the Converse Heights Neighborhood Association and Board.