Ravine Update 6/23/2016

Please note: The linked Ravine Plan below proposed by ALTA Planning+Design is much more comprehensive and expensive than CHNA can take on, although we are incorporating some feasible elements of the proposal into our overall efforts. After surveying neighbors and partners, the Ravine Steering Committee decided that the best option at this time is to clean out invasive species and trash and reforest the Ravine to return it to a natural, healthy Piedmont forest. Other improvements may be made at some time in the future.

Click here to view the Ravine Project plan

The Crystal Springs Ravine Project was initiated by the Converse Heights Neighborhood Association in an effort to improve and return the ravine to a natural Piedmont Forest. The project seeks to remove the invasive plants species destroying the natural ecology and causing the collapse of trees inside the ravine and along Woodburn Road, Crystal Drive and Sherwood Circle.

In their place, planting will include ground covers to prevent erosion, mid-story trees to reestablish the density of the forest, and "noble" trees to replace the large ones that have been lost.

If we do nothing, the ravine will eventually become an eyesore - a trash dump that will detract from the property values and the beauty of the Converse Heights neighborhood. We are hoping that hoping you will be a part of our efforts to prevent that, and to return the ravine to a natural Piedmont forest that will always be an asset to the value in our homes.

We are working on three tracks:

  • We are raising money to pay for some of the work needed to clean up the ravine and to plant groundcover and trees.
  • We are partnering with the trees coalition to implement these efforts.
  • We are organizing volunteers to help - with well over 200 hours of volunteer work so far.

The initial work is on a three-year timetable. We are currently removing trash, and cutting out ivy, Chinese Parasol trees, wisteria and other invasives. We are clearing areas by machine and by hand, and we are planting grass to stabilize the soil. In the Fall of 2016, we will plant trees. Eventually, the grass will be replaced with natural groundcovers.


It's a good start, but there is a lot yet to be done and we need your help. We have established a fund with the Spartanburg County Foundation to support our efforts. We have received initial support with contributions from neighbors living closest to the ravine. We are also hoping to have support from people who live farther away from the ravine, but who are still committed to the project.

The goal is to raise $250,000: $50,000 for the first three years plus $200,000 as an endowment to restore and preserve the ravine in perpetuity.

Your contributions will help make this initial plan a reality. You may donate directly to the Spartanburg County Foundation by using the Pledge Card linked below. Checks should be made to the Spartanburg County Foundation Fund #2033 (Crystal Springs Ravine Improvement Fund).


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If you would prefer to donate electronically (via PayPal), please click Donate below to contribute to the Crystal Springs Ravine Project.