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Keeping Converse Heights Beautiful:

  • Continued to maintain our beautifully landscaped areas at major neighborhood entrances at Connecticut Avenue at Main Street, Connecticut Avenue at Woodburn Road and Twin Drive at Pine Street

  • Completed beautification of the Converse Heights side of the railroad overpass on Woodburn Road and plans to landscape the other side in 2014.

  • Administered the Converse Heights Tree Fund held by the Spartanburg County Foundation

  • In partnership with the City and the Trees Coalition, continued to add to the inventory of trees in the Converse Heights “canopy”. So far, we’ve bought some 1,000 trees for placement on public property in the neighborhood, replacing those that had aged out and adding new ones.

  • Mulched more than 200 neighborhood trees on public land.

  • Initiated clean-up and planning for the Converse Heights Ravine. This once pristine area of old trees, large rocks, wildlife and a stream is now overgrown with English ivy and other alien plants and littered with debris.

Keeping Converse Heights Fun: 

  • Hosted the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Happy Hollow Park

  • Hosted the Annual July 4th Neighborhood Parade and Celebration

  • Hosted Converse Heights’ participation in National Neighbors Night Out at Happy Hollow Park

  • Hosted the Annual Fall Social Event at the Converse Alumnae House

  • Hosted Ravine Adventure Walks in the Converse Heights Ravine

  • Honored Billy and Lindsay Webster with the Good Neighbor of the Year Award for welcoming all-comers to their spectacular “haunted house” for Halloween

  • Happy Hollow Park:

    • Administered the Happy Hollow Park Fund held by the Spartanburg County Foundation

    • Purchased “Tumble Safe” mulch for use under swings and climbing towers

    • Purchased a new “toddlers-only” swing

    • Alerted the City to graffiti and liter issues

Keeping Converse Heights Safe:

  • Continued the neighborhood’s liaison with City officials and the Spartanburg Public Safety Department to address concerns and to keep the neighborhood safe.

  • Hired off-duty police officers to provide extra safety for Halloween

  • Represented Converse Heights at many meetings with the City on a Traffic Calming Study that, following narrowly-decided neighborhood votes, is resulting in the installation of speed bumps on several neighborhood streets. While the Association does not take a position on speed bumps, it does support studies and votes to determine the preferences of neighborhood residents.

How we kept in touch: 

  • With regularly scheduled Board meetings, providing a forum and leadership mechanism for addressing matters of neighborhood concern

  • Meeting with other neighborhood associations to discuss common concerns

  • Publishing three newsletters

  • E-mailing alerts about neighborhood news or concerns

  • Substantially upgrading the Converse Heights website,

  • Maintaining the Converse Heights Facebook page

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